Erickson Automatics Inc.

A new age screw machine shop for custom screw machined parts to 1 1/4 inch diameter.
Erickson Automatics has expanded it's Swiss screw machining operations to include 13 Axis simultaneous machining capabilities. Now available, complex machining of high precision parts to 1 1/4 inch OD and up to 36 inches in length. Parts dropped in one operation. Operations include milling of flats, hexes, squares, contouring and rigid tapping of all types of material. This addition, along with our seven axis machining capabilities, assures economical short and long run production. Erickson has over 60 machines including screw machines and CNC Swiss machines. Multi axis machining, eliminates part handling between machines and reduces machine setup time, ultimately reducing the end cost of the parts.

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Lead times:

for many screw machine shops average 8 weeks or more. Due to the 42 machines and modern scheduling systems at the new age shop of Erickson Automatics, lead times average 2 to 4 weeks.

Six spindle screw machines:

are much quicker than a single spindle machine. Form tools are used to machine complex shapes. Die heads for threading used on six spindle machines are faster than the single point threading used on CNC lathe machines.

Cost effective:

Parts made by screw machines are typically more cost effective than those made by CNC lathe type machines on quantities from 500 pieces and up.
In a new age shop, screw machines are fully automated with pickoff, back finish and milling attachments. This allows parts to be dropped in one operation in as little as 4 seconds per part.